We offer a free consultation to any potential client that may be interested in the services that we provide. The consultation will comprise of a walk through of the entire network, evaluation of the existing computer systems and servers. This will include ensuring that the computers are operating properly and the network is suitably configured. We will also offer suggestions for upgrades or replacement equipment.


We provide a wide range of computer repair services that will meet your needs, whether residential or commercial. These services range from component installation, DC jack repair, troubleshooting and diagnostics to simple Break/Fix support. Regardless of the issue, we can repair your computer and get your desktop or laptop in proper working condition.


We supply an extensive selection of services for both residential and commercial clients. These services include Web & Email hosting, Network Configuration and many more!
  • Same Day In-Home Support


  • Certified Technicians


  • Virus & Spyware Removal


  • Wireless Networking


  • AD, MS Exchange, SQL


  • Microsoft Certified


  • Maintenance Contracts


  • OEM Hardware Installations

Our Services

We offer many computer services to fit the needs of our customers, as well as businesses that we provide support for. 

  • Computer Repair
    At Delta Computer's we specialize in computer repair. Computer repair is the method of identifying, troubleshooting and find a solution to problems and issues in a defective computer. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems. If you are having issues with your computer, bring it in for a diagnosis of the machine and we will gladly help get your computer back to working condition.
  • Backup and Data RecoveryBackup and recovery refers to the process of backing up data in case of a loss and setting up systems that allow that data recovery due to data loss. Backing up data requires copying and archiving computer data, so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. Data from an earlier time may only be recovered if it has been backed up. Data backup is a form of disaster recovery and should be part of any disaster recovery plan. Let Delta Computer's provide a data recovery plan that will give you the piece of mind that your information will be available, regardless of the circumstances that might arise.
  • Virus RemovalA virus removal is the process of manually or automatically deleting or disinfecting a computer virus, malware or other malicious program on a computing device. The process is applied to protect a computer from possible data corruption, loss or system inaccessibility. Delta Computer's can remove any virus from your system by using multiple programs that search for the infected file and completely remove it from your system. If the virus cannot be removed, we have the tools and skills to backup your data and reload the operating system to bring it back to the factory settings.
  • Network Installation & Configuration
    Network configuration is the process of setting a network's controls, flow and operation to support the network communication of an organization and/or network owner. This broad term incorporates multiple configuration and setup processes on network hardware, software and other supporting devices and components. Network configuration is also known as network setup. We specialize in residential and commercial network configuration.
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Our testimonials

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    I have found the support and service from Delta computers to be prompt, effective, courteous, and complete.  Additionally, the equipment they supply is extremely reliable and affordable.  I recommend Delta Computers for…

  • N.S. Charney & Associates

    We have enjoyed our partnership with Delta Computers over the past several years.  They do their best to resolve any technical questions or difficulties within a reasonable amount of time.  I truly…

  • Berea Municipal Court

    We have depended on the team of experts at Delta Computers for our IT services for over 17 years! The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to take the time to explain…

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