Virus Removal

Computers that are not properly configured with anti-virus security are prime targets for malicious threats to infiltrate a computer system. When viruses infect a computer, they cause many different issues including security vulnerabilities, data compromising and file sharing of personal information.

The infected files then cause the virus to spread when they are shared with other people. On the internet, there is a lot of file sharing and that's how viruses can affect huge numbers of people very quickly. You have almost certainly sent documents and photos over the internet to your friends and family. If you had a virus, then these people could also contract it. Some of the biggest viruses have could infect millions of computers within a matter of days.

Delta Computers will remove the threats, clean the computer and return it to its previous state. Once the computer is restored to proper working conditions, we provide a managed anti-virus protection plan that is available to our customers. Simply installing the anti-virus software on the computer is all that is needed. This managed plan delivers piece of mind knowing that your computer is not only protected but being constantly monitored for new additional threats.

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