Delta Computers offers a high-level of standards in computer technical support services. With over 25 years of experience in the computer service industry; Our staff is second to none when it comes to the proficiency and knowledge of IT troubleshooting and repair.

We provide prompt, consistent and dependable solutions for all your computer repair needs. Our technicians are highly qualified on the latest technology and equipment to ensure that all issues can be resolved in a timely fashion.

Delta Computers is uniquely qualified to perform motherboard, DC jack and other advanced repairs right here in our store. We can fix damaged laptop hinges, cracked laptop covers, replace LCD screens and keyboards all in the shop. Your computer never leaves our facility.

View our subscriptions below:


Select this package for Managed Anti-Virus protection for $7.00 per device/month. Delta Computers offers this package to those users that would like to protect their computers from viruses with the latest anti-virus technology. The subscription is managed by Delta Computers to ensure that the highest level of security is always provided.


Select this package for Remote Support, 10 GB of Data Storage (backup) and “The Essentials” for $29.00 per device/month
The convenience of Remote Support allows our technology experts remote control of your system (with your consent) to troubleshoot the computer without you having to physically bring the machine in to the store.
Backing up your data is highly recommended to avoid the permanent loss of data. The data is securely stored and accessible when needed.


Select this package to receive the Ultimate IT Support subscription including, “The Premier” package for $49.00 per device/month. Ultimate subscribers also receive VIP pick-up and delivery of computer for in store repair. An additional 10 GB of storage space for backups, unlimited remote support and software installation.

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